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AIK värvar Andrew Holmes
2020-09-09 20:59
Andrew Ferguson Holmes
Andrew har de egenskaper som vi har sökt efter för att befästa och utveckla AIK:s spelsätt. Hans personlighet ställer höga krav på både honom själv samt sin omgivning. Med Andrew har vi tillsammans med Mario och Dante en stark pointguard trio som innehåller ligaerfarenhet, internationell erfarenhet och utvecklingspotential. 

As a new player in both the country and the club , can you describe your first time in the country and in the club?

Well, Ive only been living in Sweden for about 7 weeks now but Ive been loving it! Stockholm is a beautiful city with a relaxing atmosphere, great diversity in things to do, and an abundance of nature. As far as the club goes, I feel honored to join one of the most recognized clubs in all of Sweden with such a long and rich history. From the first day I practiced with the team, I felt the comradery and positive energy within the organization. I knew this was the place for me.

As a new player could you describe what kind of player you are for our supporters?

First and foremost, I pride myself on always being the hardest-working player. Within a game or practice, Im always committed to giving my all for the betterment of the team. I LOVE to play defense, Im an aggressive on-ball defender and value the importance of communicating on defense. Offensively, I love to share the ball and get my teammates involved. I also feel comfortable scoring when needed, I can shoot the 3, pull-up from mid range, and finish at the basket with either hand. 

You have played as a pro and in some pro-am leagues could you tell us about the experiences from playing abroad?

Basketball has been so good to me! I played semi-professionally in China for 3 years. During that time I got the chance to travel and explore different cities throughout China competing in different leagues and tournaments with players from all over the world. I also played professionally in Canada for two years in its top division. Now Im extremely excited to be representing AIK throughout Sweden.

We will not only see you involved in the Mens team we also get to see you coach our Boys 05/06 team? Tell us a little bit about Coach Andrew?

Coaching and teaching is another one of my biggest passions! As a coach, whats most important to me is helping players develop the proper mindset and habits that will help them find success both on and off the court. Perseverance, discipline, commitment, and a No Excuses mentality are a few of the values I hope to instill in the players I coach. 

Andrew is a great character and an experienced player that have played basketball in different countries and despite the fact that he is one of the oldest in our team he shows that he is thirsty for the practices like our younger players. One good example for all the young guys that want to improve themselves. I warmly welcome him to the AIK familiy, says coach Vasilis Skarlatos 

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